I'll start with a bit about my teaching philosophy:

Whether you are interested in studying voice, piano, guitar, or flute, lessons will be custom tailored to your own musical goals.

I believe that when students (and teachers) have the luxury of one-on-one lessons, it is our responsibility as educators to adapt our teaching styles -- and curricula -- to what works best for each student, rather than expecting students to adapt their learning styles and personalities to suit us.  

I also believe that music is to be expressed with joy and passion, so we have fun!  For a young child, it has to start with the love of music.  For me as the teacher, the love of music is the foundation upon which we build everything else. That's why I keep lessons fun and positive!  So whether you are seeking a high quality musical education for your child or you are learning for your own enjoyment, know that we're going to have a good time in the process!

I also work to achieve a balance of the essential elements of music, given each student’s musical goals.  We may focus more or less, depending on the student, on elements such as: 

  • the musical theory that is the foundation for any long-term exploration of music. I share lots of music theory with even my youngest students, because I want everyone to know what music is made of; 

  • the project pieces (and the showmanship to go with them!) for performance in a wide variety of venues -- from campfire to recital to auditorium;

  • the improvisational skills that bring to life the joy of playing effortlessly with other musicians; 

  • the sight reading, ear training, and composition skills that provide a solid foundation on which to build a life-long love of music.

If you have questions, bookings, or would like to take a look at the teaching schedule, please click the contact page and send me a message!