"Dana has shared the joys of learning music with me through flute, guitar, voice and piano. She is an extremely talented musician, and she maintains a comfortable learning environment. Dana is compassionate, and understanding towards her students. She has taught me important skills that I have been able to translate from instruments like the flute to the piano. Dana is always willing to work around your needs, whether you are just beginning or if you have played an instrument for a long time. I have learned so much from Dana, and I know that all of her students would say the same." 
 - Sarah Heiden

“Dana's true gift is her ability to understand each student as an individual and how he or she learns best. She ‘read’ my daughter within the first meeting and has worked her teaching style to really fit what works for her. The results are incredible. Not only is my daughter progressing in both instruments (flute and piano) but she is so enthusiastic about it and truly loves it. Music is something in her life that brings great joy and peace and Dana is a huge reason for that.”
 -- Melissa Landry

“Dana is an excellent, inspiring flute teacher for our daughter.  She is not only a great teacher, she is a kind and patient teacher.  It's a plus to have someone who not only teaches, but regularly performs.  I'd highly recommend her!”
 -- Tricia Pancoast, M.D.

"Although I have just recently started [guitar lessons], I love the balance of theory, fun, and material appropriate for my goals that Dana provides.  Dana not only teaches, but is a wonderful listener who takes into consideration what the student wants. You don't feel like you are in an assembly line of students or being rushed in and out of your lesson because of the atmosphere she provides. I learned more in the few lessons I have taken from her than in many lessons from others."
  -- Francine Helzer
“As an older beginning guitar student, I have had a lot fun working with Dana. She has patiently endured my finger flubs providing inspiration and encouragement. I feel like I am progressing.  My lessons have been a great diversion from my 8 to 5 job.”
  -- Paul Droukas, M.D.